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iMovie for Mac: Slow down and speed up clips

You can also slow the video down further by clicking and dragging on the speed slider :.

Using iMovie to convert videos to slow motion

An MP4 video file will be added to wherever you save your file to, and when you play it, it will play in slow motion instead of standard motion. What would a video tutorial be without some before and after results?

How to Slow Down/ Speed Up any YouTube Video on Mac - MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro

I was thinking the same thing…. The slower video just lets you see so much more of the lightning at a glance, allowing your mind to process more of it at once. Sometimes you just need a quick and easy way to convert a standard speed video to slow motion, and since your iPhone may not be your only video-recording device, you may not always have slow-motion capabilities at your fingertips.

Best Slow Motion Video Player Windows 7/10/Mac Free Download

Choose either Slow or Fast from the Speed pop-up menu, and click a speed button to set the speed. Clip with speed change made to range selection High-frame-rate footage appears to play in slow motion when slowed. Wondering how to make a video in slow motion? Use Movavi Video Editor – an efficient movie editing software.

On the bright side, iMovie lets you add last-minute slow motion edits to your videos after the fact with very little hassle at all. Converting a regular video to slow motion with iMovie on Mac Anthony Bouchard on September 1, Once you do, click on the video to select it, and then click on the Speed button: 5 This will show the speed-editing interface.

Top 10 Slow Motion Video Editing Software

Moreover, the introduction and credits of the videos can also be added at the start and end of the video respectively and there are tons of frames available. That's it! You have successfully made the slow motion video using the software. Want to learn more on how to edit videos with Filmora Video Editor, please read the article below:.

Slow motion video ideas - video tutorial

Last but not the least, the edited videos can easily be shared on popular video sharing website YouTube and can also be exported to the media library of your computer or iPhone, Android mobile devices. The best part about exporting the videos is that there are plenty of settings available for exporting videos, from frame rate to output format, you can even change the audio quality and audio format for the final videos.

Now, I think you will not ask about how to make slow motion video any more.

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You worth own Filmora Video Editor , with it, you can adjust the speed of your video to show more interesting and vivid effects. Download it now, starting to create a stunning slow motion video. Slideshow Maker Stock Video. PDF Converter. Free Trial Free Trial.

See also: Slow Motion Video Editor App for iPhone When it comes to slow motion video maker on PC and Windows PC, the things are gonna be complicated, because some functional slow motion software like AE are not friendly to most people without special skills. Now, let's start to edit video with slow motion effect! Free Download Free Download. What Makes This Slow Motion Video Editor Outstanding: You don't have to go through the complex options to make slow motion videos but a bar is appeared in the power tools while editing the videos.

You can simply click on the meter at a specific point to set the speed of video being editing.

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In the timeline , select the clip whose speed you want to change. There will be several options offered but you will have to click on "clip adjustments". The order process, tax issue and invoicing to end user is conducted by Wonbo Technology Co. Viewed times. Note: The slow motion option offered by Elmedia doesn't alter the video speed permanently, however it is quite sufficient for viewing videos and is easy to perform. Step 1. Movavi Video Editor Creating videos has never been so easy!

What's more, when you make slow motion videos, there is a simple solution to solve audio quality problem, you can simply detach the audio file from the video file, moreover, a new audio file can also be added. In addition to slow motion feature, you can easily trim, combine, rotate and add other cool effects to your video.

iMovie Slow Motion: How to Make Slow Motions Videos using iMovie

Elva chief Editor. Most Popular Downloads. Filmora Video Editor v9. Free Trial. Filmora Video Editor for Mac v9. It will not change any text entered by users.