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Got one to sell? Make an Offer. A Apple Mac mini 4,1 "Core2 Duo" 2. Lot of 2 Apple Mac mini A Early 2. Apple Mac Mini mid A 2. Apple Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2. Make Offer - Apple Mac Mini 2.

Replacing a hard drive on a 2008/2009 Mac Mini?

Late Mac Mini 2. Make Offer - Late Mac Mini 2.

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Gently lift the sensor, move the wire to the side, slide the drive up slightly, and remove it using the tweezers. This Apple Mac Mini has been tested by our technicians and is in good working condition. Much to my surprise, on the first boot after the swap, the Mac mini again started up normally and functioned perfectly. Since the SSD is so small and light, some people skip the adapter and just uses pieces of double-sized tape to hold their SSDs in place. Seller refurbished. Make Offer - Apple Mac Mini 2.

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Apple Mac mini (Late 2009)

No Preference. Condition see all. Open box. Seller refurbished. For parts or not working. Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format see all. A: when Liquid is spill on Mac Mini, make sure your unplug the charging cable and turn off the computer, if it is already turn off do not turn on. Go to nearest Mac Mini repair shop and tell them about your situation.

If you a desire Mac OS X you wants to upgrade with let us know. Q: My Mac Mini is slow? A: You can find out why it is slow. Sometime some apps may slow downs your Mac Mini. Q: Do you do memory upgrade on Mac Mini? How much it will cost me? A: Yes, We do memory upgrade on Mac Mini. Cost depend on what kind of Mac Mini you have. Buy these tools.

Buy these parts. Insert the Jimmy into the crack between the aluminum top housing and the plastic lower housing. Gently bend the Jimmy outwards to pry the crack open a little larger and lift the lower housing up a small amount. There are several plastic clips on the lower housing that fit into a channel in the aluminum top housing.

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Your goal is to use the Jimmy to push these clips inward enough to free them from the channel, while gently pulling up on the lower housing. Once you have the first side free, rotate the Mac mini and start prying up on the front edge. Use the same prying motion to both bend the clips inward and lift the lower housing up out of the top housing.

You may need to move the Jimmy along the edge to pry up all of the clips. Be patient and do a little bit at a time. In the next few steps you will be removing the AirPort and Bluetooth antennas shown in red from the internal frame. Be very careful, as breaking the brackets will require replacing the internal frame.

We will first remove the AirPort antenna, located in the lower left corner of this picture. Slightly squeeze the two retaining arms toward each other and lift the AirPort antenna off its post. Squeezing the two posts excessively will surely break them off the internal frame. Work delicately. During reinstallation, you will have to slightly squeeze the two posts together so they fit into the openings on the AirPort antenna board.

Grab the Bluetooth antenna nearest the port side of the computer by the edges of the board and pull it straight up off the internal frame.

🛠️🍏🔋Mac Mini A1283 - PRAM Battery Replacement

Remove the antenna board near the front of the mini by pulling it straight up off the internal frame. If necessary, remove the piece of tape securing the antenna leads to the internal frame. Use the flat end of a spudger to pry the audio ribbon cable connector up off the audio board. Remove the following four screws securing the internal frame to the bottom housing:. The screw in the lower right corner of this image is recessed deep in the internal frame and longer than the other three screws.

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Replace the hard drive in your Mac mini Model A Install a terabyte worth of storage space in your Mac mini Model A This guide walks you through the process of replacing the stock hard drive and optical .

A flashlight and a thin screwdriver aid in removal. Lift the internal frame off the bottom housing, starting at the rear edge, until you feel the concealed edge connector on the motherboard disconnect. Then lift straight off, minding the bluetooth and