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Pourquoi iPhoto ne reconnait pas mon iPhone ? Voici les solutions

How do you get to them? WWDC is a developer conference first, a platform for new hardware introductions only when convenient for Apple. That would make sense for a WWDC introduction.

I could see new Mac hardware being announced. Nik Fletcher said it well back in October :. People should not have to worry about this with their iOS devices. Apple charges a premium for larger storage capacity devices — doing away with backup quotas should be part of the value users get in exchange. And along those lines, I would love to see iCloud-based photo storage go unlimited. Let us store all the photos we take with our iPhones and iPads in iCloud. Digital photo management remains an unsolved problem.

That feels antediluvian today, in a world where some photographers never move their photos off the iPhones on which they took them. You can keep all your photos on your Mac, but they can all be on iCloud too, and thus accessible from your iOS devices anywhere with a network connection. The delete button appears but when I swipe, nothing happens. I am now deleting photos with Image Capture at a rate of about 2 per second. I could do this faster deleting the pix one by one on the phone myself?! To add: Prior to deleting, I left Image Capture running and importing photos for about 6 hours.

In the process it froze once, I had to restart iPhoto and the phone. Then it finished importing and crashed. The third time, it worked.

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Total garbage. I suppose it would be OK if they sped up iPhoto by a factor of Now after pressing edit I need to touch photos one by one to select them. Any ideas why the functionality was removed? It still works but you have to use TWO fingers to touch then drag across all the photos you wish to select, to then delete. Which could take an awful lot of time if there are a lot of images you wish to delete.

The article outlines an easy way to remove all the images in the Camera Roll should you wish to do so, which was previously not generally known — and therefore frustrating to many. You are sort of correct, while it is true that Photo Stream does not count against your allotted space for iCloud storage in the cloud Free 5GB Limit , the photos still take up space on your iPhone. The Usage section located under the General Settings will show you exactly how much space Photo Stream is using on your device.

The focus here was more about deleting the photos after you have moved them to another location. The timing of this article is perfect. I have about photos on my iPhone 5 that I planned to transfer off to my PC this weekend. I do not have a Mac, so I was planning on just using Windows Explorer to access the phone and transfer all the photos off to a folder on my laptop. There are about that I plan to leave on the phone, so using the settings to delete all will not work.

Download iCloud Photos to your Mac

I just want to delete the or so that I will be moving to my laptop. Yes, on Windows the iPhone will attach as any other camera would attach to your PC. This is similar to using Image Capture on the Mac.

How to Markup Photos in iOS

I tried this and it does not work to delete them. Now all your pictures are gone off the iPhone. I hear what you are saying about the resizing of the images, but I cannot ignore the information provided to me in the usages section of the settings. It really must depend on how much photo sharing you do. For me, it has tripled the amount of storage that all photos take up on my device, as indicated in the screen shot above.

Your industry partner in emerging technology research Learn More. Tweet Share Post The end of summer is near. Removing all photos without your Mac You may have already tried to use the Photos app on your iPhone to try to remove your photos from the Camera Roll. September 19, at am. September 18, at pm. The OS itself installed without issues and seems to be working fine.

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In related news, I finally bit the bullet and started playing with Lightroom. I really hope so. Me too. I only use Aperture, still sweating from Yosemite to El Capitan. I just wish Apple would realize what it does to people who embrace to deeply their products for the innate beauty, simplicity, and workflow before it destroys it and us. Adobe…subscriptions…forget about it. Not a big deal. I cannot use the third party plugins within the application, but I can export and then use those third party applications.

I know there have been longstanding? I can give you a description based upon experience. I am selecting JPEG in the original size. I am using, in this case, the default settings of about 8 on the slider and 72 DPI. Hold on … just discovered that some were going into a subfolder project name within Documents. Okay … I just had one image export properly on to the desktop to the project name folder. Let me experiment some more and give you results. Bottom line … I need to be able to export to large files in Aperture.

Appreciate your interested because it motivated me to do more testing. Loaded Sierra and Aperture opened first time and then crashed to black screen. Now will not open at all. Then got an error with library warning when tried to reopen it and so started to rebuild library permissions in hopes it solves, but so far the progress bar has not even budged and its been over an hour so not looking good.

Access your Photo Stream without iPhoto on OS X

Crash city…not sure what I will do. Heartbroken and hating Apple for dropping Aperture. Opened without a hitch and also exported without a hitch.

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This mean a lot of iCloud photos were moved. And if I deleted them, they deleted from the iCloud Shared albums I had made. Ah, shame. We knew it was coming. I might hold on to EL Capitan as long as I can. I imagine it will be very similar to the situation for Aperture.

Adobe released Lightroom Mobile

Top 6 Ways to Import Photos from iPhone/iPad to Mac without iTunes Photos App as a replacement of iPhoto to systematically manage, edit and share images . 14 déc. Les photos de mon iPhone n'apparaissent pas sur mon Mac, donc c'est impossible Importer des photos d'iPhone sur Mac sans iPhoto.

My wife uses iPhoto. Might be time to move her to Photos. Aperture is still working fine here. Just copied my 40k images library on my test machine. More info - another application movist also shows the same dialog while trying to create a dialog box. I have seen that error message elsewhere too so think it is wider issue.