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When you take a screenshot Command-Shift—3 for the whole screen, Command-Shift—4 for a selection , the screenshot shrinks down and lingers in the bottom-left corner of the screen for about five seconds. You can draw on the screenshot, add text, crop it, rotate it, and add shapes. If you hand-draw a circle or a rectangle around something in the screenshot, Mojave automatically converts it to a nicely drawn one that you can resize as needed—like magic.

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You can save your screenshots from here, or click the Share button to send them to other apps. Heck no! Just right-click it on your Desktop and look for Quick Actions in the contextual menu.


Découvrez le meilleur de la TV avec Orange Côte d'Ivoire. Accédez à à l' application pour accéder à vos chaines TV et votre catalogue de vidéo à la demande. Pour en profiter, il vous faut une antenne satellite numérique. Liste des chaînes gratuites et numérotation de la TV d'Orange par Satellite . (toujours chez Orange) un abonnement ADSL qui me permet d'avoir accès à internet sur mon Mac.

The same options also appear in the preview pane of a Finder window when you have an image file selected. Mojave takes that up a notch by putting the Trim function right in the Finder. Trim appears as an icon at the top of the window when you Quick Look a video file, and also in the preview pane of Finder windows. When the Trim window appears, just drag the ends of the yellow box to shave some time off the front or back of your video, and click Done to save or Revert to discard your changes.

That pops up a box that you can move and resize, and a toolbar of buttons that you can click to take screenshots or videos of all or part of your screen.

Live at Robertson Park: Sunrise’s Sam Mac delights crowds | Photos, video

Indonesia Bahasa - Bahasa. On a desktop computer? You can also find this link in your email and Manage Order-Details on your profile. You may also try refreshing your browser. This comment has been minimized. If the version number that is displayed is 1.

Mouse over the buttons if you need a reminder of what they are, and click Options to choose where the output is saved, if you want a timer, if the cursor should appear in your video, and so on. Safari is good about popping them up as soon as you click a password field, but this can be handy for apps like Spotify or Kindle where you might wind up needing to cut and paste a password. Like previous versions of macOS, Mojave requires you to unlock your password vault with the password for your user account, which means that if someone knows how to unlock your Mac, they can also get at all your passwords.

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In the Automation tab, you can edit your existing animations and scenes, or program new ones. Sometimes a project needs an image.

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Documents you scan with your iPhone can show up in Preview too. To use it in Pages, for example, simply right-click your document and look for your nearby iPhone running iOS 12 in the contextual menu.

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Choose Take Photo or Scan Document. When you do, your iPhone will instantly launch the camera, ready for you to point and shoot. The iPhone will automatically find the edges, straighten the image, save it as a PDF, and attach it to the note.

Another new app coming over from iOS is Voice Memos.